This project originally started as my graduation senior exit project, but soon came to be a personal endeavor to inform the public about the myths that I've learned that people may have. At the beginning, I focused my research paper on convincing my audience that the techniques used in human gene therapy do not raise different medical issues that would typically not arise in other new medical technologies. For my product however, I decided to focus more on the broad range of gene therapy, including treatment on non-human specimens. I also decided to focus more on the ethical considerations regarding gene therapy, and thought that the best way to reach the public was through a website. 

Throughout my research I've learned so much to the point that it has made me change my anticipated career. I have deviated from optics, and have become so engaged in the realm of genetics, and I ow it all to this research. I guess that's what happens when you research something in depth.

To begin my product, I spent several hours researching useful information that the public--if they were to just so happen stumble on my site--would benefit from. 

You can learn several facts from this site, including clearing up any misconceptions you may have had on gene therapy, and once you've dealt with that, you can help me join my quest in informing the people around us.

To extend my research, I did a form of outreach where I presented my learned information to one of my high school classes. Pictures and video clips are posted below. 

I hope you've all enjoyed your time and that the information was both enlightening and beneficial. 

I lastly would like to thank you for taking your time to read my research. If you have any comments, concerns, or advice, please comment below. 

Sincerely yours,

Khadiga Konsouh

    Khadiga Konsouh

    Senior at Cato Middle College High School


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